Preventive Care in Northbridge: The Cornerstone of Pet Health Care

Pet Wellness Care at Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

The team of Northbridge’s PawSteps Veterinary Center believes that regular well-care examinations are the cornerstone of health care for your pet. It is far easier, safer, and less costly (emotionally and financially) to prevent medical problems than it is to treat them after they occur.

How often does my pet need physical exams?

Routine veterinary physical examinations and discussions of your pet’s health allow the veterinary team to make sure your pet stays healthy and to catch minor problems before they have a chance to become major health issues.

Well-care examinations are usually scheduled on a yearly basis for adult cats and dogs. Young puppies and kittens will be seen as often as every three weeks until they are over four months of age, while aging animals will benefit from examinations at least twice each year. Our veterinary team will help you design the perfect well-care schedule for each of your pets.

What kinds of health tests will my pet need?

During well-care visits, routine tests are performed periodically to find treatable and preventable problems. These tests include screening for:

Which vaccinations does my pet need?

Periodic vaccinations, tailored to the needs of your individual pets, are also administered during well-care consultations. Different pets need different vaccinations based on their species, regular activities, and other health conditions or risk factors. The veterinarians of PawSteps Veterinary Center will recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet’s unique situation.

Should I be concerned about pet parasites?

The PawStepsVet health care team will recommend appropriate medications to control ticks, fleas, heartworms, and other parasites at your pet’s regular wellness exam. Each of these parasites can damage your pet’s health and prevention is the best course of action.

Well-care consultations are the perfect time to make sure that your pets are feeling their best and receive needed routine care. The highly qualified PawStepsVet health care team will answer all of your questions regarding your pet’s health and behavior and will work with you to schedule any necessary follow-up appointments or procedures.