Compassionate Pet Pain Management

Pet Pain Management With The Helpful Staff of Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

The veterinary care team of PawSteps Veterinary Center feels that it is our responsibility to do our very best to identify and limit the pain felt by pets. The need to control pain in our pets is a simple, but often overlooked, principle of veterinary care. Pets in pain suffer. They do not respond as well as pain-free pets to any treatment. Therefore, no surgical or medical procedure can be considered a complete success if the pet is in pain.

Benefits of Excellent Pet Pain Management

Your pet deserves to be as pain-free as possible. As a member of your family, your pets are worthy of the same attention to pain control as every other loved one. Alleviating your pet’s pain is critical to the physical and mental wellbeing of the animal and permits your beloved pet to function within the family. Some of the benefits include:

PawSteps Veterinary Center’s Pain Control Protocol

Our veterinarians are committed advocates of pain control for their patients; it is not just offered for the arthritic pet or the seriously ill animal. Pain control is provided for all pets that require it.

Pets undergoing even the simplest surgeries, such as a spay or neuter, will receive medication to preempt pain. Research supports the use of medications to thwart surgical pain and we have found that pain is easier to control if medications are used before the body responds with pain. In addition, medications may be given during and after the surgery, or sent home, as needed.

Types of Veterinary Pain Management Techniques

Our veterinary team is well versed in the variety and uses of current pain medications and will tailor an individualized pain control program to help your pet.

Different pets and species have differing needs, and different types of pain respond better to some therapies than others.

Acute pain sufferers may simply be treated with short doses of pain medication, while chronic pain sufferers may require combinations of pain medications and other therapies. Some of the pain control methods effective for chronic pain sufferers include:

If your pet suffers from chronic pain, the veterinarians of PawSteps Veterinary Center are happy to discuss pain control and can advise you on a program to manage your pet’s condition.