Comprehensive Veterinary Laboratory Services for Pets

Veterinary Laboratory Services at Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

PawSteps Veterinary Center uses both in-house laboratory equipment and commercial testing services to provide comprehensive testing and rapid results. Diagnostic testing for electrolytes and chemistries are done with state-of-the art equipment in the hospital and can be available within minutes.

Routine Wellness Veterinary Lab Tests

Some of the routine laboratory services offered in-house at PawSteps Veterinary Center include:

Diagnostic Veterinary Lab Tests

When pets are ill, fast diagnostic tests allow our team to accurately pinpoint the pet’s condition so treatment procedures can begin as soon as possible. Diagnostic testing we offer includes:

With the ability to process blood work, cell samples, urinalysis, and fecal samples on-site, our team can quickly check a pet’s organ function, screen for infectious disease, check for bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, screen for cancer, and complete many other important tests for the best diagnostic information.

PawSteps Veterinary Center is committed to providing the highest possible diagnostic evaluations for your pets.