Convenient Prescription & Over-the-Counter Veterinary Products

Prescription & Over-the-Counter Veterinary Products Are Available at Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

PawSteps Veterinary Center has an on-site pharmacy supplied with prescription medications for preventive care and treatment of illnesses. A wide range of veterinary medications are stocked to make sure that what your pet needs is immediately available. Our team can provide rapid filling of needed prescriptions and timely refills of medications used over long periods of time.

The Veterinarian—Client—Patient Relationship

All prescription medications require a valid veterinarian—client—patient relationship. Therefore, one of our veterinarians must examine all animals before new medications are prescribed. Prescription refills are then available for patients of record by request via the telephone or email and require doctor’s authorization. The veterinary care team at PawSteps Veterinary Center is happy to check your pet’s records and advise you if an examination is needed prior to refilling prescription medications.

Prescription Pet Foods

We also stock or can special order a complete supply of prescription pet foods needed to treat illnesses. These diets are suggested after our health care team examines a pet and decides that the diet is appropriate for the pet’s needs. These special diets are available only by prescription and are not available from pet or food stores.

Prescription diets are offered in dry and canned formulations and may be desirable for kittens, puppies, cats, or dogs that have special dietary needs. Prescription diets can be used to help treat:

Because some pets eating prescription diets do not need to take additional pills or medications, using the diet as a therapy is convenient and the pet’s compliance to treatment is excellent.

If you have questions about our pharmacy or whether our prescription diets would benefit your pet, contact the helpful staff of PawSteps Veterinary Center for a consultation.