Specialized Pet Health Certificates for Travel

Pet Health Certificates for Travel at Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

Travel outside of North America almost always requires an International Health Certificate. Please contact us to confirm that one of our veterinarians is currently USDA certified to provide the International Health Certificate and provide assistance completing the paperwork necessary for traveling with your pet.

The licensed veterinarians at PawSteps will perform a complete physical examination for the pet's health certificate for travel within the continental United States. Please confirm the timing of this examination with your airline if you are flying.

Our team will discuss any specific needs of the animals that will be traveling or changing hands and will address any health issues that are identified from the examination. We can also help to advise pet owners on any health risks for the pet that are specific to the area in which he or she will be traveling.

International Travel with Pets

Regulations vary when traveling with animals within the United States and internationally. We can help identify the needed certificates and examinations to make sure that your travel or sale plan goes smoothly.

If traveling abroad with a pet, it is advisable to take the following steps: