State-of-the-Art Veterinary Diagnostics: Advanced Technology for Superior Care

Veterinary Diagnostics & Advanced Technology at Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

To accomplish our goal of rapid diagnosis of medical and surgical problems, PawSteps Veterinary Center is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic procedures available. This allows our health care team to quickly and accurately make a diagnosis, so we can begin treatment as swiftly as possible and minimize your pet’s discomfort.

Digital Veterinary Radiography

PawSteps Veterinary Center has the latest digital X-ray equipment available, which provides pets, families, and our veterinary team with superior health care options. Some of the benefits of digital radiography include:

Consulting with Veterinary Specialists

PawSteps Veterinary Center maintains excellent relationships with area specialists so that, should your pet need advanced medical opinions, we can easily contact and consult veterinarians who specialize in specific pet systems or conditions.

We also provide additional services for our patients by bringing local board-certified specialists directly to PawSteps Veterinary Center to perform ultrasonic, cardiac, and endoscopic examinations. This permits your pets to be seen by board-certified internal medicine specialists without the need to travel long distances or make separate appointments.

No matter what your pet’s condition or ailment, PawSteps Veterinary Center is committed to working with you to accurately diagnose and treat your pet and to see his or her health fully returned.