Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Pets

Nutritional Counseling For Pets With The Staff of Pawsteps Veterinary Clinic

The veterinary team of PawSteps Veterinary Center understands that quality pet nutrition can add years to a pet’s life and can greatly enhance his or her quality of life. Our doctors are available to offer nutritional counseling for routine and specialized dietary pet needs.

General Pet Nutrition

With the multitude of pet food options available at grocery stores, pet supply stores, and veterinary hospitals, many pet owners begin to feel overwhelmed. Pet food labels can be difficult to understand and the needs of pets vary with species, breed, age, and health condition.

While some pet food manufacturers have researched the optimal ingredients for pet foods, others cut corners and provide what equates to pet "junk food" that can shorten a pet’s life expectancy and increase the chance of health issues.

When your pet comes in for his or her annual physical exam, our veterinarians will help you evaluate pet food options and will be able to recommend specific types that will work well for your pet.

Specialized Pet Foods

With advances in veterinary research, new pet foods have become available that are designed to meet the needs of pets afflicted with a wide variety of ailments. Pet foods are available that help to treat pet conditions, including:

If your pet experiences any illness that would benefit from a specialized diet, our veterinary staff will discuss with you dietary options to improve response to treatment.

PawSteps Veterinary Center is committed to providing pet owners with the best nutritional guidance and options available. Please contact our clinic with any questions you may have.