PawSteps Veterinary Center: Contact Information

PawSteps Veterinary Center
1700 Providence Road (Rt. 122)
Northbridge, MA 01534
Phone: (508) 234-9987
Email: Please send general inquiries to:
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If you are a client, please send specific non-emergency medical inquiries about your pet to:

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Appointment Hours

Sunday: Closed

Patients are seen during scheduled office visits. Please call our receptionists to schedule an appointment before bringing your pet to the office to ensure that the doctor is available.

Pets can often be left for the day if you cannot arrange an appointment suitable for your schedule.

Pets receiving surgery are admitted on the morning of their surgery. Our receptionist can help arrange admittance and discharge times that meet your busy schedule.

As the appointment hours may change, please call for our current schedule.

The materials offered on this website are intended for educational purposes only. Pawsteps Veterinary Center does not provide veterinary medical services or guidance via the Internet. Please consult your pets’ veterinarian in matters regarding the care of your animals.

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